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For Communities


Our Work:

  • Empowers residents and leaders to shape the future of their community’s housing supply.
  • Improves future prospects for area families by helping them to become confident homebuyers and responsible homeowners.
  • Creates safer environments by improving deteriorating structures.
  • Increases appeal for business development or expansion by revitalizing the housing market and enhancing the quality of life
  • Grows a larger tax base by increasing the value of improved houses
  • Provides income for local businesses by channeling federal and state dollars back into the community.

Community Housing Planning

Does your community have housing needs, but you’re not sure how to meet those needs?  Do your housing needs include:
  • Workforce housing?
  • Rehabilitation of existing homes?
  • New housing construction?
  • Rental housing?
  • Senior housing?
  • Other housing?
The Central Nebraska Housing and Economic Developers would like to begin assisting your community in preparation for future housing grants.  CNHED will work with community leaders to:
  • Complete a Community Assets Checklist
  • Identify community assets and gaps to be filled
  • Develop a plan to fill gaps in data/information
  • Identify housing needs and priorities
  • Gather partners and public support for selected housing project
  • Write a grant application for State and Federal funding
  • Partner to deliver community housing program

Click Here to fill out a Community Assets Checklist

If your county or community is interested in conducting a housing needs assessment, please Contact Us.